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Sponsors & Support


I’m doing this trip for me because selfishly, I want to. It’s my dream! My trip combines my passion to explore, teach, and cycle. Therefore, I’m not asking others for money to fund my trip.  There are a lot of other ways to help people other than giving a monetary value.  I asked a handful of different companies and organizations for support by donating needed products and services to support me on my trip.  I was surprised by people’s positive response and willingness to help, especially in Spain where the economic situation is difficult. Thank you sponsors, thank you very very much!!!!!



How can you help?

Have a look at my route.  If I’m rolling through your region, or you know someone in a region where I’ll be and want to support my trip, contact me!  It’s hard to say no to a hot shower, warm meal, sturdy shelter, or good company!


My Hosts

Click here for a list of the people who have graciously hosted me on my trip.


Additional Support

Random Acts of Kindness

Some people say I’m lucky, some are convinced that I have a little angel always looking out for me.  But I simply think that if you treat others with respect, are kind and caring they will reciprocate. “What goes around comes around”, and after all, being nice and thoughtful is effortless.


Thanks to all the people and groups for their “random acts of kindness”.  They’ve made my trip more memorable and “comfortable”.  A warm meal or a roof over my head may be a basic comfort, but after days on end of touring, these small tokens of appreciation make a HUGE difference!

Contact me!
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