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Problem of the Week (POW)

The Problem of the Week encompasses different math problems based on my trip and the statistics I go about collecting.  I try to create a wide assortment of problems involving critical thinking. They can be adapted and used in almost any grades K-6th and cover different math areas such as numbers sense, algebra and patterns, measurement, fractions, and data analysis.


The POW will be updated weekly.  Please click here for a complete list of math problems.


On or off the bike, I’m a teacher at heart and I love working with kids to explore their interests, insights, and inquiries.  I’ve got a lot of time to think on the bike and can’t help but use my trip and biking experiences to connect with kids in the classroom to promote learning and problem solving in a real life context.

Classroom Activities

Inquiry & Investigation

On my bike I encounter a lot of people, visit many sites, and see landscapes that me curious and wonder.  I’ve gathered my observations and created a list of questions that can be used for personal inquiries and investigation in the classroom, and/or class research and discussions.  The questions range in subject matter from science to social studies, history to geography. 


The Inquiry & Investigation section will be updated weekly. Please click here for a complete list of questions.

Writing Prompts

The bicycle lends itself to variety of topics of conversation.  Not to mention everything you see and experience while riding your bike can be documented in writing.  I have created a variety of different writing prompts related to bikes, cycling, and my life on the road.  I try to vary the writing genre and also the focus of the writing trait for each prompt. 


The writing prompts will be updated weekly.  Please click here for a complete list of writing prompts.

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